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Body Partz is Atlanta's premier Hair Removal Spa in Atlanta. Since 2019, we’ve offered hair removal services and products to give you the most natural smoothness and skincare that you deserve.  We’re committed to making you feel your best every day of the week. We use top-of-the-line natural sugar for all treatments. Book an appointment today!​


"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail."

- Ten

Sugaring Vs Waxing
Why Choose Sugaring?

"Sugaring is an organic paste made for those who prefer organic, natural, and gluten-free approaches to life," says Enrique. "The waxing offered at Face to Face is close to organic with a touch of aromatherapy from scents of lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. The level of pain depends on the pain threshold of the individual—no hair removal is left unnoticed or not felt unless you're unconscious. Some tolerate either technique well, and others can't even look at sugaring without breaking out. Results really depend on each individual and their specific skin type. In terms of technique, sugaring paste is molded onto the skin using a gloved hand then removed, while wax can be used with a strip or alone." Sugaring is also able to remove shorter hair—it only has to be 1/16th of an inch—than waxing can, as to get waxed your hair has to be at least a half-inch.

"Sugaring is all-natural, which is great for folks who may have allergies to certain ingredients or just want only natural ingredients on their body," explains Tummala. "Sugaring is also a lot less sticky than traditional wax, so usually the redness and irritation that a lot of people see with wax will not be seen with sugaring. You're also able to wash the sugar off with water, whereas may waxes have to be washed off with a special cleanser or natural oil."

Sugaring definitely trumps on the all-natural front: While there certainly are natural, premium-quality waxes available, you might have to seek them out at the right salon. With sugaring, you know exactly what you're putting on your skin each time—always sugar, lemon, and water. 

"Sugaring can also be more hygienic than waxing because double-dipping isn't a possibility," While most waxing estheticians will grab a brand-new applicator before dipping into the mixture, sugaring mitigates the risk altogether—an esthetician will use a ball of sugar until the consistency is no longer adhesive, then throw it out and grab a new one. 

Sensitive skin, sugaring may be your go-to. Because it pulls the hair in the same direction it grows, it can be less abrasive on the skin and prevent hair breakage (a precursor for those gnarly ingrown). Removing hair in the same direction of growth significantly reduces the tension put on the hair, making it less likely to break during the removal process. Especially if you have fine, sparse hairs, sugaring can effectively clean up those bits without pulling too harshly at the skin. 



1790 Cheshire Bridge Road #113-A

Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Tel: 678 - 872 - 2067

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